Planning Design Group: Sustainable Communities by Design

Informed by the firm's commitment to consensus building, respect for historic and environmental resources, and policy of client satisfaction, the expertise and experience of PDG's professionals combine to produce exceptional results in community planning, urban design and green development.

Recognizing that public acceptance is a key component of any comprehensive planning process, PDG strives to ensure meaningful public participation and build a shared community vision by placing stakeholders at the center of the process. Involving clients, civic officials, business leaders and citizens to ensure significant stakeholder participation is a key principle in PDG's methodology.  PDG has developed an exceptional expertise in coalition building through a long history of projects that required the successful coordination of the goals and efforts of citizens, government staff, property owners and developers.

Through an awareness of the growing importance of green development, PDG's processes support the design and implementation of environmentally sound planning solutions.  The professionals at PDG continue to explore and incorporate green alternatives in their planning solutions.

Community Planning
  • Planning for the growth and revitalization of existing projects or conceptualizing major new developments offers diverse opportunities for designing sustainable communities.
  • The plan sets out principles that establish a flexible design framework, define critical locations, protect open spaces and offer roadway systems and public transit appropriate to the locale.
  • The work requires an understanding of complex and interrelated factors such as economics, area demographics, community standards, social values, environmental context, and infrastructure patterns.
  • PDG's process offers multiple venues for public discussion and consensus-building to arrive at a shared, achievable common vision for the future.

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Urban Design
  • Design process to determine the optimal arrangement, appearance and functionality of the components of urban projects, especially the design and utilization of urban public space.
  • PDG's work requires the synthesis of a variety of disciplines in planning, designing and implementing such projects as plazas, residential sectors, streetscapes and transit corridors in urban settings.
  • Understanding the normal cycles of socioeconomic change which affect established neighborhoods and town centers, present challenging opportunities for revival and restoration.
  • PDG considers cultural assets, social traditions, economic conditions and social programming needs as well as the unique physical and environmental nature of each site in every stage of planning , design and implementation.

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Green Development
  • PDG supports planning processes that promote a shared vision for sustainable communities in support of the planet's green future.
  • Continually work to create practical and innovative strategies which include infill and redevelopment.
  • With the issue of global warming currently at the forefront of the news, clients come to Planning Design Group with a new awareness of the importance of green development.
  • PDG's dedication to the green initiative and the firm's orientation toward client satisfaction combine to ensure that the common desire to implement green solutions whenever possible is given the highest priority in project design.

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